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Quality loose leaf tea is enjoyed by tea drinkers world wide and the segment of the tea industry described as specialty tea has grown in popularity. Specialty tea suppliers combine the robust taste of quality loose leaf tea with complementary fruit and spice flavor and the resulting brews are truly delicious and memorable.

Tea drinkers can now enjoy delicious teas like Rum Punch, Peach & Apricot, Cherry Pralines, Mint and other unique flavors by purchasing these teas from quality suppliers. The key word is quality and quality results from using only the highest quality loose leaf teas and balancing those teas with actual fruit or spice pieces. Syrups or concentrates must never be used because their harsh flavor will overwhelm the subtle tastes of the tea.

But what is the best way to purchase these teas? Of course consumers can get in their car, drive to a market where the tea is sold, spend time looking for a parking spot, standing in line to purchase and hopefully finding the right type of tea. In a society where everyone is busy and time is money this way of purchasing is often undesirable.

One of the best, easiest and cost effective ways of purchasing is on the internet on a website that supports e-commerce. Modern day tea e-commerce websites are safe and easy to use and they often offer a large variety of choice of specialty tea and accessories. Plus, many sites offer cost effective shipping options that meet consumer’s needs. And the prices are often lower prices than are found in stores and retail outlets with the additional benefit that sales tax is usually not charged. Quality suppliers offer money back guarantees and instant refunds.

The internet allows easy comparison shopping since the consumer can easily compare sites without leaving home. Some of the best internet sites over a wealth of information about tea and accessories that aide the consumer in making the purchase decision.

For the best specialty teas, try internet and e-commerce shopping. You will not be disappointed and you will save your precious time. How much is your time worth?

Article source: Jon Stout

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  1. Reply admin Jan 29,2009 8:28 am

    Hi Olin,

    I’m not sure if we are the best. We do however import the best quality tea from Europe and around the world. EURO T CUP is family owned and operated. We do not have a storefront; therefore our expenses are very low. And we are happy to pass these savings on to our customers. You can order online or over the phone. We ship via Canada Post (right to your door) or you can pick up in person. In fact, why don’t you move to Milton? You’d get a free delivery of our finest tea. Oakville is just minutes away from our warehouse in Milton, Ontario.

    One thing that is specific to you as a business owner I’d like to mention. My wife is very creative and you might find her corporate gift baskets and gifts very attractive. Your business is using healthy products, why not to thank your customers with a personalised gift basket full of healthy goodies?

    David for euroTcup – proudly Canadian

  2. Reply olin Jan 28,2009 10:19 pm


    I have heard that you are best tea importer in Canada, do you serve Oakville as well? If yo do, can we order some black or greeen tea?

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