Mallow Flowers

Mallow FlowerThe mallow flowers are very attractive and are pink or purplish coloured with dark veins. Common mallow originates from Asia and Europe and it can be found in fields.

Common mallow has been used traditionally to treat cough – it helps to reduce irritation associated with dry cough. Crushed mallow leaves can be used to treat rashes and burns.

Common mallow contains anti-oxidants, including polyphenols and anthocyanins, which explains its beneficial effect on gastroenteritis. This herb is cooling and demulcent (soothing). Tea made from mallow flowers is believed to ease gut irritations.

The mallow flowers were used for weaving into garlands on May Day. The flowers are sometimes used as ingredients for its colouring property.

The mallow flowers can be found in these great teas:

  • Slim Line – Wellness Tea
  • Tisane for Good Digestion – Wellness Tea
  • Maté IQ – Wellness Tea
  • Good Morning – Wellness Tea
  • Great Temptation – Rooibos Tea
  • Jamaica Reggae – Rooibos Tea

Graphic and partial text by Top Cultures

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