Pu Erh Tea

Pu erh TeaFrance has its Champagne; Mexico Tequila; and Italy Parma — these places have turned trade names known for their high-quality, unique foods. Now, if China has its way, there could be another: Pu erh.

This lush corner of Yunnan province in China’s south is home to one of the world’s hotPu erh Peach and Kombucha Teatest teas. Pu erh tea it is typically sold in heaps resembling cow patties — but one mug of these aged leaves can fetch up to $1,000. The drink is praised for its health benefits and is loved for its earthy, light taste. It is already a hit in Hong Kong, where rare teas are a status symbol among the city’s privileged, and it is creating hype outside China, too.

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