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Drinking a nice light, warm cup of tea is a pleasure especially when enjoying the moment in a quiet and relaxing tea room. Add to that pleasure, the knowledge that with drinking just about any tea on the market, you are doing something healthy for yourself, and you have a recipe for an all around good, and peaceful feeling.

Instead of pre-made tea bags, many people do not think of using loose tea, instead of pre-made tea bags. They do not realize that there are actually benefits of using loose tea, rather than factory made tea bags.

When you think of loose tea, you are probably mistakenly thinking of a bunch of annoying bits of herb, or plant, getting stuck in your teeth, and ruining your quiet and relaxing moment.

But what you must realize, is that if you are serious about the health benefits of tea, or if you are even serious about the flavor, you should definitely be considering loose tea over pre-made teabags. In addition, you can take loose tea, and make your own natural tea bag out of muslin cloth, or you can fill a tea dropper with the herbs, and you will not have to be frustrated with loose leaves and herb bits getting stuck in your teeth and throat.

One of the main things that you might not realize is that loose tea makes a tastier and bolder cup of tea. In many cases, if you are using pre-made teabags, you have not tasted the authentic full-bodied flavor of the tea you claim to enjoy. Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that loose tea is extremely flavorful and satisfying. This is because tea bags are filled with powdered, and ground bits of theĀ  leaf. Loose tea usually has large leaves, and includes the healthiest portions of the plant.

Tea bag tea is often stale, because many store owners do not feel that the product really goes bad. You can find tea bags on store shelves that have been there for 5 years or more. In addition, tea leaves must go through a natural expansion or swelling process. If they are trapped in tea bags, they will not swell. This swelling contributes to the flavor, and the health benefits offered by many teas.

If you want to try drinking loose tea, there are many retailers that can offer you a sampler pack to get you started. If you already have a favorite tea that you drink for pleasure, or for health reasons, try the loose tea version of that herb tea. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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