Fully Loaded Tea 2

Today, I came across this amazing story. Two sisters from Siberia make a move to Canada and bring their combined knowledge of different fruits, berries and tea with them.

Katya and Olga recognize that people consume so much tea for health reasons these days.  By blending tea with pieces of fruits and berries they boost the health benefits.

I generally stay away from tea bags as the tea in them is often of poor quality. However, Katya and Olga found finely woven pyramid-shaped bags to hold all the huge pieces of fruits, berries, and tealeaves. This makes a “Fully Loaded Tea” without any compromises.

The two sisters’ story is worth reading.



2 thoughts on “Fully Loaded Tea

  1. Reply Erna Palfi-Towsley Jun 12,2012 1:39 pm

    Eear Katya & Olga:

    I got a box of your tea for my birthday from
    a dear friend – and was immediately intrigued
    by it. I saw the website at work while making
    a cup of your tea, which is amazing by the way.
    The brand that I got is called Naked Strawberry
    Green Tea – delish!
    I will continue to try your other brands.
    Continued success & best wishes

  2. Reply Christine May 23,2012 7:05 pm

    Dear Katya and Olga,
    I picked up your tea for the first time.. and I love it.. I purchased the one with Green tea and Goji berries.. I had so much energy at work ! Thank you ,
    Christine Swift Blythe

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