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Herbal teas are a nice alternative to coffee, and they help you stay hydrated. But did you know that some herbal teas are also great fertility promoters? That is right – along with using an ovulation calendar and ovulation tests, sipping tasty herbal teas can actually help you get pregnant faster. There are many teas that benefit women who are trying to conceive, and others that can come to the rescue when you are fighting pregnancy signs and symptoms, particularly morning sickness. Let’s take a look at the best herbal teas for those who are hoping for a baby.


Nettle leaf tea

Nettle leaf tea has a pleasant, mild taste. It benefits women throughout their pregnancy, but also helps to promote fertility. Full of goodness, nettle leaves contain vitamins A, C, D and K. By sipping this tea, women also boost their levels of calcium, potassium, iron, and sulphur. It increases male and female fertility, aids the kidneys, and is good for fetal health. If you have fresh nettles in your garden, you can use them to make the tea throughout the spring! Some women use nettle leaf tea in combination with red raspberry leaf tea, while others switch from one tea to the other on a weekly basis. Because vitamin K is especially important to newborn babies, herbalists advise third trimester women to drink nettle leaf tea.


Red raspberry leaf tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is perhaps the most well-known fertility tea. Like nettle leaf tea, it has a lot of vitamins and minerals – A, B complex, C, and E as well as phosphorus and potassium. Couples who are still working out how to get pregnant will like to know that red raspberry leaf tea increases fertility for both men and women. It tones the uterus, and some herbalists say that this tea can help prevent miscarriage. In addition, it can also reduce morning sickness. Because red raspberry leaf tea helps tone and strengthen the uterus, it has a reputation for reducing the pain of contractions during labor (it does not positively impact the pain of the cervix dilating, though), and increasing stamina. While there is no scientific evidence to support those claims, the fact that this tea is full of vitamins coupled with the possibility that it might set you up for an easier labor means it is worth drinking, doesn’t it?

Mint tea

Mint tea helps you relax, especially if you are able to use fresh mint leaves. Stress can reduce fertility and even stop ovulation altogether for short periods of time, so any stress-reliever is good for those who are trying to conceive. Like red raspberry leaf tea, mint tea also reduces pregnancy nausea. Mint contains vitamins A, C, and B12 as well as the essential pregnancy B vitamin folate, which is the natural form of folic acid.

Red clover flowers

These are best used as an infusion rather than as a tea, but are effective fertility promoters. Calcium, magnesium, and proteins benefit every woman who is trying to have a baby. Its high vitamin content is responsible for its reputation of being a uterine tonic.

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  3. Reply Marsha Apr 19,2014 11:35 pm

    I am from south Africa my husband and I have been struggling to conceive . is this tea’s available here??

  4. Reply Kindra Feb 18,2013 10:51 am

    I absolutely love red raspberry leaf tea! It’s not just the taste. My husband and I have been TTC for a few months and I have been suffering from post-pill amenorrhea taking my cycles from 31 days to 55. I started drinking one cup a day about 2 weeks ago and I feel so much better.Not only are my bowels moving regularly, but I am noticing a huge difference with my s-x drive as well as some other problems caused by the amenorrhea. When my cycles were so long I would actually have no s-x drive at all but since we are trying I would force myself to have s-x with my husband. Now, I’m the one initiating. I feel this is because of the tea and its properties in being able to regulate hormones. Thank you RRLT!

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