5 Kick-Ass Health Benefits of Green Tea That Everyone Can Enjoy 5

I love green tea. Not only does it taste absolutely amazing when drunk, but it has some pretty awesome health benefits too. Whether you drink a few cups a day, or you take it as part of your health supplements every day – or you combine the two like I do – everyone can benefit from green tea.

If you’ve never drunk green tea or taken a multivitamin that includes it, then you’re missing out. Chinese herbalists have been recommending green tea in various forms for thousands of years – because it works!

Here are five of the most kick-ass benefits you’ll get when you take green tea daily.

  1. It makes you look younger. Antioxidants in green tea is the source of its amazing healing abilities. By preventing cell oxidation and damager, green tea slows the aging process and leaves you with a softer, more supple, and younger complexion. You can even apply it topically to your skin for even better results!
  2. It helps you lose more weight. Without getting too into the science mumbo-jumbo, green tea contains a number of compounds that rapidly boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol and burn up triglycerides in your body to promote fat loss. In short, regular doses of green tea will turn your body into a fat burning furnace. There have been countless studies and testimonies of men and women who have experienced amazing transformations just by combining green tea with a fitness and health routine.
  3. It can prevent cancer. Research is still in it’s infancy, but there is a growing belief that EGCG found in green tea can help to regulate and inhibit cancer growth by killing cells that grow abnormally in your body. One study of 500 women in Japan with breast cancer found that an increased dose of green tea after surgery lowered the risk of occurrence drastically. Another study showed an 18% reduction in lung cancer for patients upping their intake to two cups a day.
  4. It stops you getting ill. Catechins, a compound found in green tea, has been shown to have a major impact on your immune system. Anti-bacterial proteins found in test subjects who took 600ml of green tea a day. In fact, green tea is such an immune system booster that there have been reports by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that it could even fight off the HIV virus as well. If you want to spend less time with a cold or sniffles, green tea is your first choice!
  5. It gives you a healthier heart. Did you know that green tea can reduce your risk of cardiovascular heart disease by almost 16%? This is due in large part to the fact that the antioxidants in the tea break down fatty deposits in your body and unclog arteries. Less clog means a longer life and a healthier heart too.

With these benefits available to you, why wouldn’t you want to drink more green tea? It tastes better than coffee, doesn’t give that awful caffeine crash, it can be taken quickly in supplements and there are over a dozen benefits that everyone can experience with regular use.

If you’ve tried green tea in the past, let us know in the comments what you thought of it and any health kick backs you got as a result.

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    • Reply Kiyomi May 27,2012 2:18 am

      They have antioxidants, and they have prtacically no calories unless you add them. They taste delicious and contain a lot of good stuff. The specific benefits depend on the type of tea.

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