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Hibiscus Tea for Blood Pressure – A Pleasant Alternative Against Hypertension

Good news for those in constant worry about their blood pressure. Studies have found that certain types of tea, specifically hibiscus tea, can significantly improve conditions of hypertensive patients and lower blood pressure when taken every day. What is behind the truth about hibiscus tea for blood pressure? Let’s find out.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects approximately 20% of the adult population. High blood pressure is not a condition in itself, but it can lead to serious cardiovascular problems when not treated, including stroke or heart attack. Leading a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercise and relaxation can help treat mild levels of hypertension. However, in many cases, these changes in lifestyle may not be enough to reduce blood pressure. Instead, doctors usually recommend blood pressure lowering statin drugs which work either by dilating the blood vessels to reduce build-up of pressure, by thinning out the blood or by increasing urine volume (diuretic effect) to reduce the volume of the blood.

Although very effective in treating hypertension, these antihypertensive drugs have mild to serious side effects. Mild side effects may range from slight dizziness and fatigue, but serious side effects may escalate leading to insomnia, shortness of breath, chest pains and irregular heartbeat. For this reason, natural alternatives against high blood pressure have been continuously sought in the past few decades.

Luckily, research studies have shown that there are certain natural means that can effectively lower blood pressure permanently, one of which is herbal teas containing hibiscus. Hibiscus tea is tea from the hibiscus plant. It has been found to be rich in minerals, flavonoids and many other nutrients. This kind of tea has a pleasant, fruity taste, which makes it popular as both cold and hot beverage.

Studies have found that the antihypertensive property of hibiscus tea can be traced from its blood vessel-dilating and diuretic properties. In a study evaluating 70 people with moderate hypertension (specifically those who have not received treatment in the past one month) have found that drinking of a half-liter of hibiscus tea daily before breakfast produced similar blood pressure lowering effect as that of taking 25 mg of antihypertensive medication twice a day for a span of two weeks. It established that as in statin drugs, hibiscus tea can lower diastolic blood pressure by at least ten points.

Indeed, clinical studies have proven how effective hibiscus tea for blood pressure conditions. If you want to put an end to hypertension naturally without side effects, try drinking a glass or a cup of two daily of hibiscus tea. Aside from flavonoids like anthocyanin, hibiscus is also rich in antioxidants which can protect the heart from oxidative damage. Although more research is required to establish the direct link, there is sufficient reason to believe that hibiscus tea can promote heart health.

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    if taking hibiscus tea can help my blood pressure is it safe to stop taking lisinpril ?

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