The best kept secret Tea of Taiwan

The tea plantation has always been the dominion of South Asian countries, especially India. But going by the changing trend, Taiwan has emerged as a major player in the past few decades. Taiwan’s Oolong tea is one beverage that has changed the way people look and perceive tea drinking.

The taste of Taiwan

Oolong tea or Wulong tea or Wu long tea is one of the most famous Taiwanese teas. South Asia has always been the hotbed for tea plantation, the Indian and Chinese variations are a good example of this. Oolong is a bit different from the conventional tea taste and smell we have gotten so used to. It is a semi oxidized tea, which grows in the mountains of Central Taiwan. The subtropical climate and the humidity conditions prevalent in this area have led to exponential growth in the tea business in the past few decades.

A sip of history

Oolong tea is also known as imperial Formosa Oolong. It got its name from the Portuguese sailors who were among the first Europeans to visit Taiwan. The literal translation of the word means “Beautiful Island”. Unlike India most of the tea grown in this region is for local consumption and that is another reason why it is not so popular in Europe and North America.

But precisely because of that reason the quality and taste of this magnificent tea is still preserved. Only the very best of leaves goes into the making of Oolong, selected from the high mountains of Central Taiwan.

A sip of taste

Different people like their tea to be served differently. Some like it with sugar, while others prefer it without it, some like milk, while other abstains from it. Oolong tea is known for its naturally sweet flavor. The rich quality comes from the precision and hard work that goes into making oolong tea.

As mentioned earlier the tea grows in the high mountains of central Asia. The Raw leaves are picked with utmost cares, by the most experienced hand. Over the years farmers have refrained from diverging from the conventional practice of using organic farming methods; to produce the very best of tea. The process of extracting tea leaves is extraneous and time consuming.

Oolong tea is made by using the conventional Gong Fu style. The first important ingredient is water. Spring water is considered perfect for making Oolong tea. The temperature of the water while boiling it to prepare Oolong tea must not be over 85 to 95 degree Celsius.

The tea is traditionally prepared using an earthenware teapot. The same tea leaves can be brewed many times to get that perfect taste. What makes this tea different from other available is its natural sweet flavor, which can be utilized by continuous brewing, without releasing excess of caffeine or tannin. Oolong tea is the best beverage to take with evening snacks; you can even consume it before going to bed. Due to the lack of caffeine content, Oolong tea does not interfere with our sleeping pattern.


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