5 of the Least Expected Causes of Obesity

If you’re reading this and you live in America, chances are that you consider yourself overweight to some degree.  Although there’s probably a 99% chance that the reason you are overweight is the product of not enough exercise and/or a poor diet, there’s that 1% that just maybe the reason is something completely different… something extenuating and so obscure that it could be its own episode of House, MD.  Here are 5 of the least expected culprits behind your beer gut.

1. Your Air Conditioning

Apparently your AC doesn’t only rack up your power bill, but your gut as well.  Farms for years have been manipulating temperate to encourage growth in their animals.  Although there are yet any clinical studies that want to step up and nail this one, the idea is that your body is forced to burn calories in order to alter its temperature to stay at 98.6˚F.

2. Your Microwave

Although there are yet to be any clinical studies done to back this up yet, a theory was postulated at the British Cheltenham Science Festival that there could be a causal relationship between microwaves and obesity rates, since both rates skyrocketed in the 80s when the microwave was introduced.  This seems very plausible considering the fact that there isn’t one type of “healthy” food that requires the use of a microwave.

3. Your relationship status

People are said to gain weight after they get married, which according to a study done on 12,000 people over a period of 32 years, is completely true.. well, at least if you or your spouse gains weight first.  Married people turned out to be 37% more likely to become obese within two to four years of their spouses gaining weight than couples where both partner stayed thin.

4. Ear Infections

Another correlation was found between a type of ear infection and obesity.  The study, presented at the American Psychological Association Conference, found that people that have been infected with the virus are 62 percent more likely to be obese since some of the damaged nerves in the ear control taste, which apparently leads to overeating.

5. Plastic

Bisphenol-A, or BPA, was introduced into the polymer injection industry about 30 years ago as a cheap way to strengthen plastics.  Also around 30 years ago, we saw a huge spike in obesity rates.  Unlike the microwave theory, however, BPA has actually been tested on rats, and has shown to cause a 30% increase in obesity for up to 6 months, as well as a 15% increase in obesity for life if you are subjected to it while pregnant (remember though, we’re still talking about rats, so it could be totally different for humans).

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