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In the traditional practice of yoga, it is often said that our mind and body work like the kite and its thread, both need each other to stay afloat. Amid the ohh-so-busy lives that we spend, very often the mind drifts like the kite, but it is the body that tugs it back. The body like the string to our stressful mind can often bring the much needed peace. But for the mind and body to work well, they both need to be revitalized.

In our busy lives, every time our body send out the signal through exertion, tiredness, headaches, stress, panic, etc, all we do is pop a pill and get back to the routine. And each time your mind goes through an upheaval, you binge on comfort foods and pile chocolates for getting over with the mood swing. In between all this, we tend to forget that the body needs its own clean up treatment inside out, instead of a band-aid cure.

Why de-stress & detox?

To detoxify the body and to de-stress your mind brings in massive health benefits that work as alternate medicine. The toxins in the body need an inside out clean-up and hence the process flags off with de-stress of the mind.

Detoxification brings a number of health benefits and de-stressing offers a deeper purpose. This process heals your physical and spiritual body for a much stronger you. Though I am into HGH research I feel that meditation helps to de stress and detox better.

Meditation is the mantra:

Meditation or yoga, in literal terms means the union of mind and body. It is that stage when your body comes in unanimity with the mind and this connection helps heal each other through rhythmic exercise. Yoga has always been known as the purifying means for both mind and the body.

Here are three basic ways to eliminate toxins or blockages from the system and help a body-soul detoxification:

  1. Kapalbhati: This ancient stress buster is extremely useful for individuals with high anxiety levels and to get rid of negative emotions. You start off breathing normally for the first minute, and then focus on expelling oxygen out of your body. Perform this for only one minute a day and notice the yogic benefits seeping into your mind.
  2. Hatha Yoga: After calming the mind, you need to detox the body through Hatha Yoga cleansing. This is a complete detox program; you can take the help of a professional trainer or buy a CD and ensure this process cleanses all parts of the body. For example, neti is a method to improve your nasal function, Dhauti helps to cleanse organs like ears, eyes, oesophagus, tongue, scalp, stomach, and anus, Nauli is another yogic process to wash out toxins from the abdomen and Trataka boosts visual ability.
  3. Deep breathing: Deep breathing exercises are by far the easiest way to calm your nerves and sooth your lung muscles. It increases oxygen supply and improves respiratory organs. Further, as the circulation improves, the harmful toxins leave the body, freeing all the blocked energy in you and rejuvenating you inside out!
  4. Besides yoga and meditation you can also sip on herbal tea and eat fresh vegetables and fruits that can help you to relax and detox.

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