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There are a variety of teas which can be prepared as a refreshment beverage. There are a few varieties of teas which are better and beneficial than others and hence are included below in the top ten lists. These teas have a lot of medicinal use and they have refreshing aroma. These teas do not have any side effects. Do not forget to put the tea bag or leaves at the surface of the pot and decant hot water to steep. Mix honey as sweetener if you want. Honey is good for health as well. Here is a list of top ten teas which are easy to make and have a lot of qualities.

1. Green Tea

Green tea offers a lot of health benefits; this is why it is named the ‘wonder herbal drug’. If you drink green tea it reduces the risk of cancer and it also stamps down carcinogenic in cigarettes. It has effective antioxidants termed polyphenols, which is helpful in reducing free radicals. Green tea prohibits few tumors from forming as well. Green tea promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol levels.

2. Black tea

Black tea has noticeable antioxidant properties and is next to green tea in this regard. Black tea is well known to prevent cancer growth in breast and stomach. It fights the viruses that cause pneumonia, skin infection and diarrhea. It is an excellent immune stimulant. It is a tonic for people suffering with heart diseases. Green tea detoxifies cholesterol and soothes arthritis as well.

3. Sage tea

This aromatic fresh or dried grey-green leaves can give very beneficial extracts. The tea made out of sage leaves is good for the treatment of sore throat and cough. It fights gastrointestinal problems as well as improves memory and makes your nervous system strong. It also helps in clearing the toxins from the body and fights lung problems.

4. Celery seed tea

This tea is capable of treating kidney stones and is helpful in fighting other kidney diseases. It strengthens both liver and kidney problems. The celery seed tea is a very good medicine for people with high uric acid. It is good when consumed cold. However, a pregnant woman should avoid drinking this tea as it may be harmful for the baby.

5. Ginger tea

Ginger tea reduces cholesterol and purifies the blood as well. You can get rid of the menstrual cramps if you have this tea. It is also helpful in decreasing gastrointestinal problems. Ginger tea is helpful for arthritic people because it has anti-inflammatory traits. It increases the risk of bleeding in those who take drugs like warfarin. You should consult your doctor in case you are on similar medications, before you take ginger tea.

6. Marjoram tea

If you do not feel like eating often and enough, marjoram tea is a great option to stimulate appetite. It is a very good medicinal tea for people who complain that they do not feel hungry. This tea can prevent influenza and is good for the treatment for cold. Add little amount of honey and a pinch of salt if preparing this tea for treatment of cold and cough.

7. Basil Tea

Basil tea is an ultimate medicine for the treatment of cold and cough. For best results in treatment of cold and cough, make a strong tea out of the basil leaves by boiling it for 10 minutes in water and drink it lukewarm with little amount of honey and a pinch of salt. Your digestive system gets smooth if you have this tea regularly. A daily consumption of this tea can control blood pressure problems.

8. Raspberry leaf tea

In case you are eager to lose weight, the tea made of raspberry leaves can be of great help. It naturally helps in reduction of weight without disturbing the metabolism of your body. The tea does not have any side effect and its intake for the purpose of losing weight will be not at all harmful unlike chemical products. The tea is good for reducing morning nausea as well.

9. Lemon balm tea

This tea gives a fast relief in case of indigestion and nausea. This tea alleviates migraines as well. Lemon balm tea has a soothing fragrance and an effective drink which calms your nerves and anxiety. Lemon balm tea bags (cold) are a good medicine for cold and genital sores caused by the herpes simplex virus. Lemon Balm can control herpes and can also modulate the thyroid.

10. Licorice tea

There are people who are affected by seasonal changes. If you are prone to seasonal allergies this tea can be really very helpful in curing them. Cough and congestion can be treated with intake of this tea. Menopause is a troublesome period for a woman which comes with a lot of problems. This tea can be effective in fighting these problems.


These teas should be taken in limited quantity. Though these teas can show adverse effects if taken in higher quantity. Some of these teas may not be good for pregnant women, so it is good to consult a doctor before their intake during pregnancy. If these teas are taken in small quantity, they act as medicine but if you take a lot, they can be harmful.


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