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A good life begins with a good night’s sleep. But as most of us know, getting a good night’s sleep is not as easy as it sounds. With all the stressors of life, and the buzzing technology at our fingertips, quality pillow time can illusive. I was guilty of the cardinal sleep sin of never unplugging. I slept with my Blackberry by my pillow, awoke to the sound of incoming emails, and replied to texts from my boss at 2am. Eventually, I was dragging myself around in the morning wondering why I was so drained and unproductive. The answer was ringing in my ear, literally.

If you are finding that getting up in the morning is unbearable, here are seven easy tips to getting a better night’s rest.

Give an Early Good Night to Coffee

Coffee and caffeinated drinks like tea or soda might be sabotaging your sleep. It is smart to cut yourself off from all caffeinated drinks at a certain point every evening. Even if you need coffee to get through the work day, it is smart to eliminate it at some point in the late afternoon, as it can stay in your system for hours.

Exercise Your Right to Good Sleep

Exercising is a great habit, but exercising right before bed can be a very bad habit. The rush of adrenaline can leave you pumped up and eager to stay up late. It can be difficult to fit workouts into your day, but it is advisable to finish your workout at least three hours before bed.

Don’t Push It

If you simply cannot fall asleep, don’t torture yourself with tossing and turning. Instead, get up and do a light activity. The stress of not being able to fall asleep can actually prolong your insomnia. To battle this, get up and watch late night television or cozy up with a good book in dim light.

Don’t Go to Bed Hungry

Many fad diets and early cut off times for meals can leave you with an empty stomach when it is time to fall asleep, which can nag at you. Make sure you are getting a diet with sufficient protein and fiber, especially concerning your last meal before bed.

Vitamin D Can Save the Day

Are you getting enough Vitamin D and calcium? Vitamin D can be used to combat sleeplessness. Speak with your doctor about supplementing your diet with Vitamin D if you suffer from trouble sleeping, especially early morning wakefulness.

Shut Off Your Mind When You Shut Off the Lights

It can be hard to shut off our minds in today’s busy modern world. Especially with our laptops and cell phones giving us constant feeds of worldwide news, activities of friends, and pesky emails from our bosses at all hours. In order to detach from the pandemonium, it is smart to implement a rule about putting away all electronic devices an hour before bed.

Physical and Mental Relaxation

Stretching and meditation before going to sleep can help get your body into a relaxed state. Being physically and mentally relaxed can help you fall asleep more easily. If you have issues with worrying at night, try journaling just before bed and leaving the thoughts there instead of taking them to bed with you.

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