Bee Pollen Powder; The Perfect Food for You

Bee pollen powder is made from one of the most perfect foods on the planet; bee pollen.  Used for millennia by everyone from the Egyptians to the Greeks, bee pollen has so many nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other assorted nutritional wonders that its health benefits cannot be emphasized enough.  There is a reason that bee pollen was considered to be the ambrosia of the gods.  But just what is bee pollen powder, and how do you use bee pollen anyway?

What is Bee Pollen Powder?

Bee pollen is the pollen that bees collect from the flowers around them.  Straight flower pollen is made into ‘bee pollen’ when the bee mixes the pollen with some honey that it has brought back from the hive.  This makes the pollen sticky enough to be carried in ‘bee baskets’ (concave areas on the bee’s legs and body where the pollen collects).

When the bee arrives back at the hive it drops some of its pollen as it enters.  Special devices have been constructed that collect this fallen pollen in order to repackage it and market it for those who would like to use it; devices that do not in any way harm the bees.

While bee pollen’s natural state is in ‘granules’ these  granules do not mix well with other substances, so some manufacturers grind the granules down into a powder that is easier to mix with other ingredients.

What is Bee Pollen Powder Used For?

Bee pollen powder, being of a finer texture than bee pollen granules, can be used in any number of things.  It can be put into capsule or tablet form and sold as a nutritional supplement that some people find easier to chew or swallow than the actual bee pollen granules.  It can also be added directly to things like shakes and protein drinks; added to ‘regular’ foods like soups, casseroles or used as an ingredient in beauty products such as soaps, lotions, lip balms or other products.

Powder vs. Granules?

There are plenty who would advice against using bee pollen powder.  While it is true that bee pollen powder is not as pure as bee pollen granules (having gone through the process that turns them into a powder) it is still highly nutritious and beneficial and the smoothness of its consistency ensures that it can be used for a great number of items that regular bee pollen granules would not work for.  Its smooth texture also makes it a great choice for those individuals who find bee pollen granules to be unpalatable.

With vitamins, minerals and proteins packed into every ounce, bee pollen is one of the most perfect foods on the planet and bee pollen powder ensures that it can be used in far more ways than would be possible for bee pollen granules by themselves.

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