Worst Food Items You Could Eat

Whether we like to admit it or not food has become a part of our culture. There are a million restaurants, and even more quick snack items to chose from. Another thing that is part of our culture is a fast paced lifestyle. It seems these days we don’t really have time for anything. That is what makes processed food so convenient. Since we are all on the go, we sometimes might have to get some food on the go. This isn’t really a shocking realization to many people, but the calories you are taking in just might be. Here is a list of the worst food items you could eat, when you don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal.

Fried Chicken
Common, this is a no brainer. Anything fried will not give you health benefits. All you are doing is surrounding all that quality white meat with a ton of butter, fat and carbs.

White Pasta
Although pasta is sometimes labelled as a health food, it has a secret lurking. Pasta, the kind that is store bought, is highly refined, and that only means one thing – carbs. Pasta is rich in carbohydrates, to the point where even a full serving would be too much. You can have a beer belly or a pasta belly.

Although you can live off of potatoes, you don’t want to rely on them in today’s world. Potatoes are known for being the number one weight gain food item that is out there. Potatoes come in all shapes an sizes too – french fries, hash browns, baked, mashed, you name it and there is a potato for you. Potatoes aren’t necessarily unhealthy, just watch your portions.

Hot Dogs
Somehow all of the unhealthy foods seem to be the most popular. Hot dogs are all of the byproducts left over from many various meats. The mysterious meat is something that you should try to stay away from. It is highly processed, and for the most part, highly secret. Definitely not something that sounds tasty.

Condensed Soups
Soup can be very good for you, and tastes great to match. However, condensed coups are loaded with extreme amounts of sodium. Sodium that could reach your daily limits for two days over. While they may taste good, try a lower sodium version, or even some home made soup!

Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start it off right without all of the calories. Much of the cereal we eat in the morning is sugar filled carbohydrate snacks. There are some exceptions to the rule, and some cereals are healthy than others. Read the ingredients before you buy, not when you are sitting down having a bowl.

Commercialized Pizza
There seems to be an ongoing theme with mass produced products. While a home made pizza may actually provide some health value, commercialized pizza will not. They are getting mass produced cheap, refined, and processed ingredients and then throwing them all into one pizza pie. It may taste good, but it is certainly not healthy for you.

Today’s world has produced a number of things. One of those is less time, and in response there have been a number of convenient foods. With less time to cook, it is easy to grab something quick and have a hot meal. The problem is many of these foods are extremely unhealthy. These are the type of foods that lead to weight gain, poor health, stress, and even acne. If you are going to grab something quick, stay away from these foods, and read the label.

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