Apple Tea

Apple tea is a wonderful drink that people rarely think of when they want to reach for a drink. It is blended from the most delicious apples imaginable, picked at the peak of apple harvest season, and cinnamon and a variety of spices that have been gathered from the Malobar Coast of India. These delicious and aromatic ingredients are then dried and blended together in the exact right proportions to give you the most intense and pleasurable taste sensation possible. Although Apple tea actually contains no tea at all in its composition, it is brewed and served in the same manner as conventional forms of tea, but has a more unique flavour.

Apple tea may be brewed the same as way as conventional teas and served in a teacup to enjoy with guests or to relax with as you enjoy a cozy evening at home. When served hot, the delicious aroma envelopes you in a cloud of delightful temptation, that you can’t wait to taste. Apple tea may also be brewed then chilled and served cold with ice, like conventional iced tea. The apple and spice flavour of this iced tea is both unusual and refreshing. It is a wonderful drink to quench your thirst with on a hot, sunny day, without loading on a lot of calories. Many people have even found iced apple tea to be a great addition to mixed drinks and cocktails to add a more piquant and unusual flavour.

Besides the wonderful flavour that apple tea is becoming known for it is also a much healthier alternative to many other drinks that people indulge in every day. Apple tea has none of the caffeine that is found in coffee, black tea, colas or energy drinks. Apple tea is a much better alternative to the sugar laden sodas and soft drinks that many people favor too. You can enjoy a full flavoured drink when you drink apple tea, without adding all of the caffiene and sugar to your diet that most people are trying to avoid. This may be especially important to you if you are trying to slim down or if you are just becoming more health conscious and are trying to take better care of yourself.

After learning so much about apple tea, and imaging the wonderful aroma and taste as it lingers on your tastebuds, you might find yourself wanting to reach for that instead of your usual drink of choice. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a gloriously flavourful cup or ice cold glass of apple tea today!

What is included in your order:

  • 6 beautiful, collectible tins full of Metropolitan apple tea bags
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