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The Metropolitan Tea Company

Sitting back and enjoying a nice relaxing cup of tea is one of best ways to put an end to a very busy day. Finding just the right tea or blend of tea can be a bit tricky, though. Unless you have help. This is where your local loose tea retail shop comes in handy. But does your local or big box store offer what you want – the quality?

Check out these folks: The Metropolitan Tea Company, Ltd. Take your time and see why we recommended and work with this bulk tea supplier.

The company was founded by Gerry Vandergrift who has more than 30 years of experience in the tea industry. He has a passion for finding the best quality teas and provide them to his wholesale customers so they in turn can bring them to you. Gerry has put together a staff of equally as talented professionals in the tea industry to help deliver nothing but the best quality loose leaf tea anywhere in the world.

They always have what’s in the best interest of their customers in mind when they put together products. They know that poor packaging can lead to unwanted flavor transfer and therefore they always package their teas only in high quality 100% vapor free bags with minimum shelf life of two years.

The key to their success has to be the passion they all possess to provide the best quality products to their clients.

Metropoitan Tea is a wholesaler and they do not sell to individuals. However, they serve markets all across Canada, United States of America and UK. Many retailers purchase the tea from Metropolitan, re-pack and re-sell as their own. We at Euro T Cup are proud to admit that Metropolitan is one of our few fine tea suppliers. We’ve chosen quality over quantity some twenty years ago and we personally recommend Metropolitan Tea products. This is why:

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